As a Township of Irvington, NJ, employee for more than 25 years, Tony Vauss has a deep-rooted interest for and understanding of the needs of the community. This insider knowledge has helped Mayor Vauss formulate goals and implement action plans that have made the Township of Irvington, NJ, a cleaner and safer place.

Some of the goals Mayor Vauss has already accomplished as the Mayor of Irvington, NJ, include a reduced violent crime rate in the Township by 80 percent, an additional $4 million in revenue generated, and several successful redevelopment projects that have helped bring more business and aesthetic beauty to the community.

In his third annual State of the Township Address at Christian Pentecostal Church Jan. 26, 2017, Tony Vauss laid out his plan to accomplish more of his goals for the Township moving forward.

Three years into his four-year term, Mayor Vauss has gained strong support from his community, which saw its residents pack the church to capacity for the Mayor’s State of the Township Address. Many top local officials were also in attendance such as Essex County Democratic Committee and East Orange Democratic Committee Chairman Leroy Jones; former Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver; Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker; Assemblyman Ralph Caputo; Assemblyman Tom Giblin; Hillside Mayor Angela Garretson; and East Orange Mayor Lester Taylor. Members of the Irvington Municipal Council and Board of Education; Superintendent of Schools Neely Hackett; and the heads of all the township departments, including Ted Green, of the building department and Public Works Director Jamel Holley, were also on hand for the speech.

During the event, Jones had these kind words to say of Tony Vauss and the work he has done as the Mayor of Irvington, NJ: “Irvington is a model city with an excellent leader.”

The State of the Township Address also included an update on the previous year’s initiatives. During the 2016 speech, Mayor Vauss announced the Township or Irvington, NJ, would be entering a partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and introduced Brad Cohen as the special agent in charge. Cohen is the assistant director of the FBI’s Newark office and he returned to the event in 2017 to provide an update on this relationship between the FBI and the Township of Irvington, NJ, law enforcement.

“I came here last year to enter into a partnership with the city,” Cohen said. “We have a task force officer from the Irvington Department. Thank You, Mayor Vauss. The partnership we have is good. We will nurture that.”

Tony Vauss continues to work hard toward achieving the goals he has set as the Mayor of Irvington, NJ.